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In The Community

community impact


Event 1: February 29, 2020, from 2-5 pm at the Public Works Building: a creative artistic expression showcase entitled “The Shades of the Suffrage Movement” with re-enactments, essays, and spoken word presented by youth ages 12-24 about the African American Women of the Suffrage Movement history has overlooked. (event serves 200+ participants).

Event 2: March 28, 2020 from 6-9 pm at the Change Center: A Mother Son (only) Evening Affair entitled, “Her night, His shine & HIS ARMOUR” – an evening where sons walk the red carpet, take a photo with their moms, sons are encouraged to vote in the future and sons have a chance to register to vote at the event.


Town Hall Meetings on each side of town listening to what the people had to say about their need for affordable housing. – Mayor recognizes opportunities to create jobs (plumbing etc.). D. Upton sees opportunities for implementation of Lifeskills program.

Scarf Gloves Caps for the homeless – citywide – 420 served


Safety Center Grand Opening Ribbon Cutting: a result of my organization negotiating and mediating for the mentally challenged for eight years. Negotiator/public speaking and mediating – result in $15 Million dollars to open safety centers across the state

The need for bus shelters as a result – shelters were placed in significant areas that service the most vulnerable. Negotiated meditated functioned as liaison to successfully get 5 installed in the most vulnerable communities.

Below freezing temperatures – we originated the first warming center and expanded to include multiple ministries across the city resulting in the homeless not freezing to death. Negotiated mediated and functioned as a liaison to bring multiple partners and resources together to expand our capacity to serve across the city.


Co-ordinated with out-of-state Partners to do a Wheel Chair Outreach: disabled adults and children lap blankets, socks, and stuffed animals for comfort. 297 served in Tennessee & Louisiana.


Eight Year Safety Center Project Developer, visionary, Advocate from inception to completion. Functioned as negotiating mediator advocate for and obtain $4.3 Million dollars to build a safety center to take a step back and evaluate the mentally challenged rather than throwing them in jail.


Community Outreach 1000 signatures for community buy-in to the concept of a safety center. Lead negotiator meditator Advocate from inception to completion.